Down to Earth has been dedicated to offering fine aromatics since 1992. Not only do they have one of the largest Essential Oil collections this side of the Mississippi, but they offer a fine selection of blends to complement your aromatic needs. Following the tradition of the Apothecary, they create their own original formulas including body oils, lotions, balms, and other body care products.

Down to Earth has been located in The Cotton Exchange for 28 years and is owned by Eva Terashima. The store first started out as a table on the side of the road and has now grown to the beautiful store you see today. What makes Down to Earth even more unique is that the fixtures located in the store are from the 1880s, bringing together the Apothecary feel.

Down to Earth is known for its many aromas that are created in-house and amazing skincare products. Follow Down to Earth on Facebook @Down2EarthOils and Instagram @down_to_earth_oils . You can also check out their website at or stop by their store today! Their hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.